Pure Alaska Mellifera Honey

Now that I’m basically a honey expert (hah), I’ve been seeing honey everywhere!  And tasting it whenever I can.

A colleague of mine recently sold me her Pure Alaska Mellifera Honey, and it is excellent.  Rich and complex, with a hint of cinnamon. So good on toast or in tea! Or anything, really (by the spoonful!).

Here’s the official description:

“Happy bees produced this honey in a small Alaska apiary circled by fields and mountains.  Their wildflower favorites included fireweed, wild rose, and raspberry.”

I love eating local honey made by someone I know! I also love all the healthy properties of honey: it can help heal wounds, aid in lessening allergies, soothe burns, and is great for complexions!  Pretty amazing stuff.

If you’re interested in the Mellifera Honey, email Saunders at melliferahoney@gmail.com.

And, if you’re wondering, “Mellifera” is the kind of bee that makes this honey. Apis Mellifera (aka western honey bee or European honey bee) means honey-bearing bee.

Do you have a favorite honey?

Author: Gretchen Fauske

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