Little Dog Play Group

Grover and I had a fun experience this morning.  A few weeks ago, Ellen at Second Run (the purveyor of second-hand dragons! and all sorts of other amazingness) told me about a little dog play group at Rocketship Park (you may know it as Valley of the Moon…  but it will forever be Rocketship Park to me!).

Today we took the plunge and checked it out (having recently been won over to little dogs, imagining a pack of *ankle-biters swarming around was vaguely disconcerting), mostly because I think Grover gets a bit lonely for canine companionship.

Turns out little dog play group is more like little dog nirvana!

A group of 20 – 30 dogs and their people gather around 10:00 in the baseball diamond, and the games begin: lots of chase, a little wrestling, and plenty of sniffing by little dogs (and a couple honorary little dogs) of all shapes and sizes.

The photos don’t do justices to the group – I met a Boston Terrier named Tank; a Jindo, the national dog of Korea, named Sable; Gizmo, the current cutie at Second Run and Ziggy, the former cutie; a Mini Aussie puppy puff-ball whose name I can’t remember; and plenty of other characters. They all got along great; there wasn’t a howl, growl, or whimper in the bunch.

The owners were pretty wonderful too – I’ve noticed that dog people are generally down to earth, friendly, and excited to meet other dog people (kind of like well adjusted dogs, without the butt sniffing!). We will definitely be making the little dog play group a weekend ritual.  If you have a little do, come and join us!

*No ankles were bitten in the making of this post.

Author: Gretchen Fauske

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