African Peanut Soup Day

I’m a big fan of soup for lunch.  Such a big fan, that I eat soup for lunch almost every day.  And no soup-for-lunch day is better than African Peanut Soup day.

Dianne’s Catering posts their weekly specials on Mondays, and I always look to see if I’m going to get to eat my favorite soup (I think it’s on a three-week rotation, along with the rest of their soup options; otherwise I’d probably eat it daily until I never wanted to eat it again.  It’s possible that my obsession with the soup is because I don’t get to have it whenever I want it.  It’s like tulipomania, but soupomania!).

Just how good is this soup?

So good, that when I arrived at Dianne’s at 11:30, there were already 17 people in line.  And by the time I was at the front of the line, there were 23 people behind me (I counted).

So good that when my boss called from Juneau, and I gloatingly told her what I was eating, she screamed in envy.  Yes, it’s that good.  Grown women scream when they miss African Peanut Soup day.

I can’t tell you when the next African Peanut Soup day will be, but I can tell you that whenever it is, I’ll be standing in line at Dianne’s by 11:30.


Author: Gretchen Fauske

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2 thoughts on “African Peanut Soup Day”

  1. I must say this is GOOD soup – I was pleasantly surprised – and I too saw the hordes of people standing in line for soup – will Diane’s be the next soup nazi location?

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