Weekly Digest – Issue 17

This week I’ve pulled together a list of feel good stories, including a Good Samaritan righting a wrong, a video by the Anchorage Downtown Partnership featuring reasons to love downtown Anchorage, and a local runner rocking plaid…while earning a feature in Runners World.

Event-wise, this week is all about North x North, a series of activities following the Arctic Council Ministerial in Fairbanks. Attendees will head south to Anchorage to celebrate the Arctic and learn, exchange, and build. I’ll be there on Friday and hope to see some of you enjoying the festivities!

I’m also introducing a new blog (you’re going to love this one!) and sharing a post from an old favorite. It’s going to be a full and fun week, Anchorage.


Gretchen Loves Anchorage Weekly Digest – Issue 17

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Weekly Digest – Issue 11

Daylight savings = not my favorite. Fortunately, there are all sorts of other good things happening in our world. The best stories from last week are all about the Iditarod and Alaskans doing extraordinary things: honoring their cultures, going deep into the history of Guinness, saving lives, and learning how to survive as a couple while adventuring. Looking forward, there are plenty of fun events coming up if you’re looking for something to do, although if this weather holds I think you’ll find all of Anchorage out on the trails.

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Weekly Digest – Issue 9

It’s Fur Rondy! Time for all of Anchorage to head downtown for a week+ of wild Alaska-style fun: Running with the Reindeer, Snowshoe Softball, Outhouse Races, and more. This is SO MUCH to do – check out the daily schedule to make sure you don’t miss a thing. I hope you all caught the fireworks last night – they were spectacular. Rondy aside, there’s plenty happening around town this week if you’re looking for a good time.

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Weekly Digest – Issue #8

It was a busy week in Anchortown!

The Northern Lights hotel is finally being demoed, we have a shiny new crop of Top 40 under Forty to celebrate, and two Alaskans were nominated for a James Beard award (known as the culinary world’s Grammys). There’s a new podcast in town for all you dog mushing aficionados – you can listen once a week until the Iditarod, when the schedule switches to once a day.

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Weekly Digest – Issue #5

Happy Sunday, Anchorage! Whether your plans for the day include curling up with a cup of hot coffee and a good book, playing outside in the snow, or catching up on chores/prepping for the week ahead (or a combination of all three!) take a couple minutes to enjoy a few of the things that make our city so special.

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Weekly Digest – Issue #4

Between our wild weather (sub-zero temps to start, then 14+ inches of fluffy new snow to play in…and shovel) and one of the largest gatherings Anchorage has ever seen (democracy in action!), it was a busy week in our little corner of the world. Read on to learn about some fun events coming up (Jan. 27 is going to be busy!), catch up on a few stories around town (Salmon ice cream and golden milk anyone?), and enjoy new art by Corso Graphics (featured above).

Gretchen Loves Anchorage Weekly Digest – Issue #4

Weekly Digest – Issue #3

From being named one of Nat. Geo. Travel’s best trips in 2017 and winning $1.5M for innovation to controversial magazine covers and concerns about Alaska Salmon, it was quite a week in Anchorage.

There are plenty of fun events coming up, whether you want to play inside or outside. And make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to discover a delicious new dish that’s the perfect antidote to all things cold and dark.

Get out there and love your city Anchorage!

Gretchen Loves Anchorage Weekly Digest – Issue #3

Weekly Digest – Issue #2

I’ve pulled together a smattering of stories for you – from a heart wrenching look at the perils of drug use to a sweet story about being pen pals with Garrison Keillor – along with with some upcoming events (SASSAFRAS people!) and a reminder that it’s not too soon to start planning your summer adventures, especially the kind that book up fast.

Stay warm everyone! Unless you’re trying out the Wim Hof method, in which case I wish you many opportunities to play outside in freezing temps and minimal clothing. Photo by Penny Gage.

Gretchen Loves Anchorage Weekly Digest – Issue #2

The more things change… (Weekly Digest – Issue #1)

Yesterday, the last day of 2016, I was rushing to get ready for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Quickly blow drying my newly short hair, I swiped on a sparkly eyeshadow and mentally debated the likelihood of running tights passing as evening wear.

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