Downtown Pass: All your questions, answered. Plus: reader discount!

Pistachio gelato…

Cool, refreshing, flavorful, FREE pistachio gelato from Originale enjoyed by my friend Candice. AKA, the first perk I received from my fancy new Downtown Pass.

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Downtown Dining Week

Sullivans Steakhouse

Downtown Dining Week is finally here!

Replacing the Anchorage Downtown Partnership’s 100 Days of DiningDowntown Dining Week features set-priced specials for lunch ($10 or $15) and multi-course dinners ($30) at 26 restaurants throughout Downtown Anchorage from April 8 – 17. No more card and stickers, no more app, just delicious food from some of Anchorage’s most creative and talented chefs.

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Ready…Set…Launch : Alaska!

Launch Alaska

Often, when people criticize Anchorage, one of the things they say is that we’re a bit behind the rest of the country. Sometimes it’s true, and sometime it isn’t. But when it IS true, it doesn’t have to be negative. We’re in the enviable position of being able to note exciting/successful endeavors happening in other parts of the country, cherry pick the most viable options, and make them happen here.

For example, Launch : Alaska, the state’s very first business accelerator.*

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Van Gogh Alive at the Anchorage Museum

Van Gogh Alive

Today was the last day of the Van Gogh Alive – The Experience exhibit at the Anchorage museum so I (and all the other procrastinators in Anchorage, which felt like half the city) flooded the third floor to share a pretty rad afternoon of post-Impressionist art.

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Salmon Love Haikus

Salmon Love

I loved reading the Salmon Love Haikus in the windows of Spenard Roadhouse and Snow City Cafe this summer. Who doesn’t want to read a little poetry – be it funny, sad, thoughtful, or poignant – while they await a tasty meal? And what better subject than everyone’s favorite: SALMON.

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Why do you Live.Work.Play. in Anchorage?

Sunset ANC

Interested in sharing why you live in Anchorage, and what would make you leave? Hop online and take the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s Live.Work.Play. survey to help shape the future of Anchorage; you’d better hurry though; it closes Monday, August 31!

Here’s why I choose Anchorage for living, working, and playing:

I grew up here and my roots are deep. When I left for college I didn’t expect to move back, but after graduation and a couple of years on the east coast, I felt the pull to return. Not only is my family here, I love the larger community – it’s easy to make a difference and there are so many incredible, creative, passionate, FUN people to meet. As a city, there’s plenty of room for growth and although sometimes I wish we were farther along, most of the time I’m happy and excited to be part of determining our future. We’re in the enviable position of learning from other cities around the world and applying that knowledge to Anchorage in a way that works just for us…our future is incredibly bright.