Cinderella: A contemporary take on the classic tale

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts for a performance of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA was all the tiaras adorning the heads of tiny princesses as they eagerly awaited the show.

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Live Music in Anchorage: Bigger and Better than Ever

The crowd for Jared and the Mill

Did anyone else miss out on tickets to the Modest Mouse – Summer Solstice Party at Moose’s Tooth? Did you glance at your phone and sigh as friend after friend posted videos and photos from the concert? No? Well, check out this photo album and tell me you’re not just a teeny, tiny bit envious…feeling it now? Take heart, dear reader: although there have been a ton of great concerts in Anchorage recently (hopefully you made it to one or two or more), there are even more on the horizon!

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Three Great Projects Need You: Citizen, IMPACT, and Writer’s Block


How much do you love crowdfunding? It’s such a great way to support really interesting local projects that might not otherwise have a chance to take flight. There are THREE projects that I’m loving right now:

  1. Citizen by Todd Grebe and Cold Country on Kickstarter
  2. IMPACT by Momentum Dance Collective on indiegogo
  3. The Writer’s Block Bookstore and Cafe by Vered Mares on gofundme

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Mammoth Music, A Cluster?! and Ramblings…

My Dad Rocks

I visited Mammoth Music for the first time this weekend with my dad. It was so cool – overflowing with guitars, ukuleles, harmonicas, kazoos, mini-maracas, and every kind of musical accessory you could need.

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It’s a Tuba Christmas!


Every year, I think to myself, “I want to go to the Tuba Christmas!” And then I forget, or get busy, and end up missing it. This year though, my parents made sure to call me when they were on their way to the performance, and the music, combined with all the gorgeous snow and a visit to Kobuk Coffe Co. afterward (always decorated from floor to ceiling for the holiday season) made it start to feel a lot like Christmas…

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