Love Note: This is Democracy (in the Snow)

Today was the Women’s March on Washington, and Anchorage turned out to the tune of 2,000 – 3,500 people. It was an incredible feeling to be part of such a massive, peaceful movement and I couldn’t stop smiling as we marched in the snow and as I saw photos of events all over the world rolling through my Facebook feed.

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Love Note: Her Tern Sales

Her Tern Heel

Ah, the few days a year when Her Tern slashes the prices on their insanely beautiful, handmade shoes and you (meaning me) can justify purchasing a pair. The sale is today through Sunday, and also includes summer dresses, cozy coats, cool girl tunics, graphic t-shirts and more. I’ve scored some of my favorite pieces at Her Tern sales, always marveling and the deep discounts and my luck in finding just the right thing.

Skinny Raven is also having a sale that’s bound to include some incredible deals.

Go forth and shop!

Love Note: Williwaw Rooftop Deck

Williwaw Rooftop

Ten+ years ago, I met two friends in Philly and spent an evening catching up on a rooftop deck. It was an urban oasis – the deck was alive and warm, with flowers and greenery surrounded by tall, tall glass buildings on all sides. It felt like we were floating in the middle of the city, and I’ve longed for something similar in Anchorage ever since. And finally, we have one!

On a gorgeous summer evening, Williwaw’s rooftop deck is the perfect place to kick back with a drink, listen to music, catch up with friends, snuggle with a sweetie, and enjoy the fire pit as the warmth of the sun fades away.

Love Note: Hygge


Like many, I’m slightly obsessed with the Danish concept of hygge — “coziness,” particularly when relaxing with good friends or loved ones  — maybe because it’s something I always search for but never had a single, perfect word to describe. The museum atrium has been transformed into a hygge-filled space, complete with “fireplace,” countless wood rounds, and faux sheepskins on the seating meant to encourage close conversation. Love it!

Love Note: Life in Color Book

Life in Color

Did you know that coloring books for adults are trendy right now? I read an article about it a while ago, thought to myself, “Well doesn’t that just sound fun?” and promptly forgot about it until a few weeks ago when phenomenal local artist, Annie Brace, started posting teasers of her Alaska edition, Life in Color Book, on Facebook.

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Love Note: New Museum Structure!

Recycled structure

I discovered a new structure at the Anchorage Museum for the first time last weekend – no idea if it’s been there for ages and I never noticed it or if it’s brand new. It looks like it’s made of recycled parks and recreation signs, and is probably designed for play…love it!