Wander Woman

Has anyone else noticed a rise in opportunities to discover female adventurers? Between blogs like Dirtbag Darling, Instagrams like alisontravels, companies like Wylder Goods, and organizations the Outdoor Women’s Alliance there’s a wealth of inspirational content for women who value a life lived outside. A new local creation in this realm is Wander Woman, by Claimjumper AK.

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Getting My Groove Back with Yaktrax


Back in the day, I was a runner. I ran when I was happy. I ran when I was sad. I ran on sunny days and on snowy days. I ran on good days, on bad days, and days that were just…days. But somewhere along the way, I lost the right to call myself a runner – after all, you have to run regularly to earn the title.

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Give Experiences, not Things (UNLEASH Magazine)


Black Friday. Cyber Monday. The horribly coined term “Thanks-getting.” Even Santa Claus. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the holidays were all about THINGS. Buying things, giving things, getting things: Americans expect to receive an average of 12.9 gifts. This is, of course, a boon to the retail industry; Americans will each spend approximately $700 on holiday related items this year, totaling more than $465 billion (it’s also a boon to the debt industry, as the holidays lead to credit card overspending by an average of 16 percent).

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Career Breaks and Sabbaticals (ULEASH Magazine)

Fish on!

Touring France on a bike with her sweetheart.

A summer living in a van and exploring western American.

Providing transportation to scientists in Antarctica for six months.

These are just a few of the adventures friends taking career breaks or sabbaticals are in the midst of or recently completed. Other friends taking extended time off work cited the opportunity to focus on health and wellness, giving themselves time to reconnect with family, or simply enjoy summertime in Alaska as the reasons they’re taking a break. Whatever the motivation, it seems like an increasing number of people are carving out time from work to focus on a different areas of their lives.

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Salmon Love Haikus

Salmon Love

I loved reading the Salmon Love Haikus in the windows of Spenard Roadhouse and Snow City Cafe this summer. Who doesn’t want to read a little poetry – be it funny, sad, thoughtful, or poignant – while they await a tasty meal? And what better subject than everyone’s favorite: SALMON.

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Love Note: New Museum Structure!

Recycled structure

I discovered a new structure at the Anchorage Museum for the first time last weekend – no idea if it’s been there for ages and I never noticed it or if it’s brand new. It looks like it’s made of recycled parks and recreation signs, and is probably designed for play…love it!