Downtown Dining Week

Sullivans Steakhouse

Downtown Dining Week is finally here!

Replacing the Anchorage Downtown Partnership’s 100 Days of DiningDowntown Dining Week features set-priced specials for lunch ($10 or $15) and multi-course dinners ($30) at 26 restaurants throughout Downtown Anchorage from April 8 – 17. No more card and stickers, no more app, just delicious food from some of Anchorage’s most creative and talented chefs.

Menus are online, which is fun for plotting out which restaurants to visit. Some, like Crush and Sacks, have created entirely new specials for the week, while others like Sullivan’s Steak House and Ginger opted to feature some of their most popular menu items. I’m eyeing lunch at Urban Greens (Wild Red Caesar) and think it might be time to finally give Pangea (Pork Tenderloin Saltimboca and House-made Fruit Sorbet) a try!

For extra fun, you can select your culinary crew from 11 categories, ranging from The D Street Saucy Sisters to the F Street Band of Bacon. Buttons are available at restaurants so that everyone knows who you roll with (dining-wise, at least).

If parking is a problem, Easy Park is offering a 50 percent discount at designated lots.

And finally, participating helps out local businesses during a slow time of year. Many restaurants source fresh ingredients from local growers and use wild Alaska seafood in their dishes, so when you’re dining out you’re supporting multiple small businesses, and because they’re local the money you spend stays in state instead of flowing to the Lower 48. So basically, by eating an incredible meal you’re helping our economy – tastes good, feels good, does good!

To summarize: Delicious food + good prices + funny free buttons + discounted parking + support local business = COME TO DOWNTOWN DINING WEEK!



Photo: Sullivan’s Steak House

Full disclosure: I volunteer with Anchorage Downtown Partnership, the organization responsible for the awesomeness that is Downtown Dining Week.

Author: Gretchen Fauske

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