Downtown Dining Week

Sullivans Steakhouse

Downtown Dining Week is finally here!

Replacing the Anchorage Downtown Partnership’s 100 Days of DiningDowntown Dining Week features set-priced specials for lunch ($10 or $15) and multi-course dinners ($30) at 26 restaurants throughout Downtown Anchorage from April 8 – 17. No more card and stickers, no more app, just delicious food from some of Anchorage’s most creative and talented chefs.

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Love Note: 100Stone


I loved this project so, so much. If you haven’t had a chance to experience 100Stone by Sarah Davies at Point Woronzof, hurry: the figures come down Saturday, April 9!

100Stone is a public art installation of 100 stories of personal struggles with mental health, told in sculptural form. Much has already been written about it (here, here, and here, to share a few), so I’ll just say that visiting the figures is deeply spiritual. I love the way exterior forces – weather, tides, animals, people who love them, people who disregard them – have made their marks, but the basic figure remains. Much like each of us as we age, growing weathered but richer and more interesting for it.