Style Lessons Learned


When I started this project, Fernanda Conrad, blogger extraordinaire and author of countless Wardrobe Wednesday posts, told me “There’s only one rule: have fun.”

I tried to remember her words during the few times I shared my outfits. It was hard to have fun sometimes – just look at those outtakes! For every even remotely okay photo (which were few and far between) there were forty+ gems like the ones above (and I’m not even sharing the worst ones).

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Anchortown Style, by Alyssa



“Can I first start off by saying we as Alaskans are fabulous! Not only do we have a diverse sense of fashion ranging across the state… we get the benefit of dressing “down” while supporting our local industries. By dressing down I refer to Carhartts, Xtratufs, and camo on the weekends on our family hunting/camping trip and no ones judging us because we’re just being Alaskan! I love that as an Alaskan woman I get to wear my knee-high leather boots and stilettos all week in my professional work setting then, get to slip on my Xtratufs to head down to Kenai for the weekend festivities.

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