Downtown Scavenger Hunt…BE THERE.

Downtown Anchorage ADP

Ever wanted to test your knowledge of downtown? There are a lot of us that think we know every nook and cranny, all the “Best Places to <fill in the blank>,” and the fastest way to get wherever we want to go…but do we really?

Saturday, May 2 is the perfect opportunity to prove your downtowniness at United Way’s Downtown Scavenger Hunt. I’ll be there with my team, the Infuriated Chipmunks, ready to match wits and speed with the best of Anchorage!

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Love Note: Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters

Sometimes when you’re running errands, you decided to stop by one of your favorite galleries to see what’s new… and as you browse, a  bird named Beau grabs the leash of a dog (also browsing), and the two of them proceed to tie you up as you admire “Bleeding Hearts” by Catherine Sengungetuk. So random, so fun. You never know what you’re going to find at the blue.hollomon gallery.

Three Great Projects Need You: Citizen, IMPACT, and Writer’s Block


How much do you love crowdfunding? It’s such a great way to support really interesting local projects that might not otherwise have a chance to take flight. There are THREE projects that I’m loving right now:

  1. Citizen by Todd Grebe and Cold Country on Kickstarter
  2. IMPACT by Momentum Dance Collective on indiegogo
  3. The Writer’s Block Bookstore and Cafe by Vered Mares on gofundme

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