Julia O’Malley: Pick a thing, do the thing

Julia O'Malley

I’m a longtime fan of Julia O’Malley. In fact, I’ve already rhapsodized about her writing, here: “Anchorage Never Stops Being Interesting.” But I’d never actually met her in person until a few weeks ago when she graciously accepted my invitation for coffee and agreed to be interviewed for my TEDx project.

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Holly Brooks: The evolution of a dream

Holly Brooks

Holly Brooks was one of the first names I thought of when I started putting together names for my “Dream it. Do it.” project. If you’re not familiar with her story, check it out here; basically, she transformed herself from coach to Olympian when she began pursuing her dream.

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TEDx and Faces of Anchorage

scribbles and scrawls

Last year, after I wrote about TEDxAnchorage one of my dearest and oldest friends commented, “When can I get tickets for Gretchen Fauske’s 2015 TedxAnchorage presentation? If you speak… they will come…seriously, do it.”* and I thought “Well, why not apply to speak next year and see what happens?”

Next year is here… and I was selected as a speaker! Cue elation… and a lot of work to do TEDx justice!

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