The Newsroom

Dispatch Newsroom

On Thursday evening I stopped by the Alaska Dispatch open house to visit with a former boss/inimitable woman/shaper-of-much-of-the-last-three-years-of-my-professional-life who gifted me with a personal tour of the  new space and introductions to people whose writing I’ve been reading for years. I couldn’t control my nerdiness and kept repeating, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a newsroom! It’s so cool!!!”

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Love Note: Ice Skating on Westchester Lagoon

ice skating on the lagoon

Westchester Lagoon is THE place to be on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Ice skaters from all over town flocked to the lagoon last weekend, but there was room for everyone: hockey players, wobbly beginners, ice dancers, walkers, dogs with tennis balls, babies in carriages, teenagers gossiping, couples holding hands, and me. Gliding across the ice in the sunshine felt like a little piece of wintry paradise.

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Stories Around Town: An Artisan Market, Beer Week, and the Race for Mayor

Hoary berries

I haven’t written a stories around town post for a while, but when I woke up this morning there were so many interesting things to share with you! Also, I’m loving the sunshine today but miss the cooler temps and gorgeous hoar-frost we enjoyed earlier this week, hence the photo above.

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Follow the Light

Lighted tunnel

It’s Friday evening, and I was about to embark on a wild night of pajamas in front of the fire with my Kindle and my puppies. But then I remembered reading that it’s the LAST night for the Light Brigade’s Follow the Light installation… and so I threw on my coat and dashed out the door to visit Elderberry Park and experience “the largest light and sound sculpture ever created in Alaska” for myself.

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Love Note: Skinny Raven Shoe Shine

Shiny Shoes!

Did you know that when you stop by Skinny Raven Sports and you happen to be wearing a pair of scratched, scuffed, all-around dull Danskos, a ridiculously nice salesperson will smile sweetly and beg to shine your shoes? I didn’t either, until today… Although the wear and tear of this pair of Danskos isn’t as bad as previous pairs, they were not looking their best… and now look at them shine!

Thank you Skinny Raven!