NatashaLovesAnchorage: Thrift Store Fashion

Thrift Store

Yesterday I posted about Natasha of Alaska Knit Nat – today she’s guest posting about Anchorage’s thrift stores. Take it away Nat!

I am thrilled to be guest blogging on Gretchen Loves Anchorage. I, too, am an Anchorage enthusiast. I’m one of the rare folks who was born and raised here.

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Love Note: Visitor Season


There’s something so invigorating about meeting people who have just arrived in Anchorage, excited to explore. For some reason I’ve been asked for directions a lot this summer (I look like I know where I’m going? I exude localness? People are desperate? ), and I love pointing people towards fun places to dine and visit, learning about their plans for their trip, and discovering what they think about Alaska. Everyone I’ve talked to so far this summer seemed happy to be in town (or maybe just that they aren’t lost anymore ) and I was thrilled to share a bit of my love for Anchorage with them.

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Locomotive 556, Anchorage’s Gypsy Rose

No. 556

How many Anchorage residents have memories of Locomotive 556?

The steam engine, one of twelve “Gypsy Rose” locomotives (named after a famous burlesque dancer) sent to Alaska in 1943, has been a fixture on the Anchorage Park Strip since 1959 after retiring from  hauling passengers and freight along the Seward-Anchorage-Fairbanks route.

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