Beautiful Beautiful Bloomsbury Blooms

Bloomsbury Shop

I’m still reveling in winter (even though yesterday was the “first day of winter” we’ve had weeks of snow and chilly temps) and wasn’t missing summery things until I wandered into Bloomsbury Blooms, where color, flowers, greens, art, and the intoxicatingly fresh smell of growing things riot together in an abundance of perfection.

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It’s a Tuba Christmas!


Every year, I think to myself, “I want to go to the Tuba Christmas!” And then I forget, or get busy, and end up missing it. This year though, my parents made sure to call me when they were on their way to the performance, and the music, combined with all the gorgeous snow and a visit to Kobuk Coffe Co. afterward (always decorated from floor to ceiling for the holiday season) made it start to feel a lot like Christmas…

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