At Last, the Light Brigade!

Light Brigade

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Light Brigade’s celebration of the equinox/Over Beyond Across Through art intervention since JANUARY. My anticipation was heightened by the occasional Facebook update or more recently, glimpses of practice sessions against the museum façade on my way home.

It was worth the wait.

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Getting to Know Your City

Anchorage museum

A friend of mine, Anne Helen Petersen, shared “Interview with My Mom, the Scientist” on the Hairpin today. In addition to being a thoughtful conversation between two generations of super smart women, there is an interesting bit of the interview where Annie’s mom talks about how she acquainted herself with Lewiston, ID on her first visit when she and her husband were contemplating moving there with their two small children, and what she wishes she would have done instead.

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Stories Around Town: Food, Fashion, and Art

Making me hungry

I picked this photo to complement the last story in this post, which profiles my #1 Anchorage restaurant, Kincaid Grill. If you haven’t ever dined there, I highly recommend treating yourself to a delectable meal!

Here are a few of my favorite stories for you this week; it’s all about food, fashion, and art in Anchorage this week.  Oh, and skiing too!
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Urban Astronomy


If you’re standing at the corner of 5th and G, you’ve probably noticed the yellow-tiled half-globe nestled in a crook of the Alaska Center for Performing Arts. This is a replica of the sun (complete with accurate sun spots!) and is the start of Anchorage’s Light Speed Planet Walk, which was inspired when Eli Menaker visited the Carl Sagan Memorial Planet Walk in Ithaca, New York.

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