Alaska State Fair Food

Fair view

Apart from the gigantic produce, adorable baby pigs, ferris wheel, crazy fair hair, curious goats, people watching, Bret Michaels/Phillip Phillips/Foreigner/Bill Cosby/whichever-act-has-sunk-low-enough-or-not-risen-fast-enough-and-is-on-the-fair-circuit, local artists, and hawkers who shout, “Hey you! Yeah, you with the face!” people seem to go the State Fair for the food.

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Development Dreams: Old Power Plant in Ship Creek

Power Pant

I love this building. It’s kinda weird, run down, and has so so so much potential. I used to hope that no one wanted it and someday I could buy it and ask graffiti artists to create beautiful murals on its blank canvas walls for me to gaze at…

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Love Note: Crow’s Nest

Crow's Next Button

There’s just something about stepping into the elevator in the Hotel Captain Cook on your way to the Crow’s Nest – you get to press the big round button, floating at the top of all the other little boring buttons, and zoom up to the 20th floor for a dose of retro-glam style, elaborate meal presentations (even ordering a cup of coffee feels fancy because they bring out all sorts of little accoutrements, including cookies and cinnamon sticks), and ridiculously gorgeous views of Anchorage.

A lovely, lofty perch for an evening cocktail.

Stories Around Town: Artists, Makers, and Olympians


I’m incredibly thankful for digital news and typing – so easy to consume and to create. Can you imagine if everything were still handwritten? Sometimes I can’t even decipher my own scrawls. The photo above is actually “good” handwriting for me… Have you ever tried to analyze your handwriting? Apparently, I have an artistic nature, can interpret emotions but hold them back, and am friendly, warm, and like to engage in conversation. Hmmmm.

More great (easy to read!) stories for you this week.

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Walking and Talking


I’ve long loved the concept of walking meetings, and recently I stumbled into one. I say stumbled because during my internal “should I put on flip-flops for the five blocks to the coffee shop, or keep the heels on and look professional?” debate, it never once occurred to me that we wouldn’t actually be staying at the coffee shop for the meeting.

I decided that five blocks was nothing because these are my “comfy” heels.

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