Love Note: Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park

Tomorrow is the last day for Yoga in the Park this summer! I’m sad to say I didn’t participate… somehow, I always had something else going on, or forgot until it was too late. Bummer for me. I did stop to snap this photo on my way home one evening (I guess I could have stopped to practice, but a skirt and a sweater just didn’t seem like the most yoga-riffic clothes); I think the participants were “letting go of their days and making room for yoga in their lives…” at this moment.

I love that the Alaska Club puts on this event in the summers, that it’s free to everyone, and that so many people (I bet they’ve passed 200!) participate. Maybe they’ll extend through August, especially if our good weather sticks around?

Ted Stevens Day: Get Out and Play at Parks for All!

Opening soon

Today was Ted Stevens Day, and to celebrate the memory and spirit of Alaska’s “Uncle Ted,” a Get Out and Play event was held at the Cuddy Family Midtown Park, kicked-off by the long-awaited, highly anticipated ribbon-cutting and inaugural play on Anchorage’s first Park for All, a Boundless play area that will provide an estimated 8,500 kids with disabilities in Anchorage with a place to play.

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La Bodega Baby! And the Worthiness of Second Chances

La Bodega

I stopped by La Bodega shortly after it moved to its new location in the Metro Mall. I’d heard they were fantastic, but a semi-surly guy at the register kind of turned me off… then we had beer aficionado out-of-town family visit. They’d done their research of places to check out and were dead set on visiting La Bodega, much to my dubious surprise. When they came back raving about how great it was, Hulin-designed shirts in hand and all sorts of interesting beverages to sample, I figured I’d give it another try.

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Button Box Gang

Button Box Gang

There’s something so cheerful about polka music, even if it invokes a memory of a fierce lady instructor propelling me around the floor while shouting instructions to other dancers and lecturing me about how I was doing it all wrong while my friends snickered from the sidelines. What can I say? She was right; I’m not a particularly talented dancer.

Despite this traumatizing event, I still like a bit of polka now and then, as I was reminded when I encountered the Button Box Gang on July 4th.

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