Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Flags

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Memorial day weekend.  Mine was filled with bike rides, sun-shiney walks, a happily complete home project, very little screen time, lots of puppy cuddles, good food, great company, thankfulness for all the wonderful things in life, and remembrance for those who have passed.

Distance, by Gretchen Sagan

Gretchen Sagan

One of my favorite artists, Gretchen Sagan, had a show for May’s First Friday at APU’s Grant Hall. I missed it then (the blessing and the curse of First Friday is that there is SO much to see and do!) but fortunately it’s up until the end of the month. Today, a friend and I decided to take a lunchtime field trip to check it out.
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My Danskos are Dead…Long Live my Danskos!


I wore my Danskos until my feet started getting wet from the soles up. It was hard for me to let them go (as you can see, I probably should have tossed them months, maybe years, ago), but I’ve hung on to them since college and parting with them felt like something more momentous than simply tossing some broken-down shoes in a dumpster. But they were starting to stink, so to the trash they went. And now I get to pick out a new pair!

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