L’Affaire SteamDot

Steam Dot Cold Brew

My love for Kaladi Brothers coffee has been well documented (here, here, and here).

But on Saturday, I cheated. I wandered into the shiny new SteamDot coffee shop in the Sears mall and ordered an Americano (my new drink of choice esp. with honey and a dash of cream, mmmm).

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KayLovesAnchorage: Doll Making at Seams Like Home

What a doll!

I’m thrilled to introduce my first official guest poster – my mom! She’s creative and wonderful, and I’m so excited that she agreed to write something for GretchenLovesAnchorage. I hope you enjoy reading about her experience taking doll making classes at Seams Like Home Quilt Shoppe. Today, it’s KayLovesAnchorage!

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Constellation at the Dena’ina

Animal Chandelier

I love this piece of art, called “Constellation” – It spans multiple stories (65 feet tall) and is visible from all the main lobbies of the Dena’ina. It’s spectacular. Unfortunately, none of my photos do it justice.  Here’s a link to a more talented photographers work: Constellation.

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The Legend of Linny Pacillo

Linny Pacillo Parking Garage

One of my favorite local legends is that of Linny Pacillo. Linny and her sister, Susan, were Anchorage’s parking fairies in the 1990’s.  They would dress in tights and tutus, feed parking meters that were out of time, and save countless Achoragites from tickets while protesting the overly strict parking authority. Parking fairies to the rescue!

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