Another Great Kickstarter Project – PopCycle: Keeping Alaska Cool

PopCycle Kickstarter

I’m loving crowd-sourced funding opportunities recently – it gives me the chance to support really cool projects in Anchorage that might not be possible without multiple people pitching in to help out.  I’m super exited about Kesey Pollock’s Melting Bodies, Clark Mischler’s Portrait Alaska, and the Momentum Collective’s Aerial Investigation.

And now, there’s a new project to love: Kait Reiley’s PopCycle: Keeping Alaska Cool.

I can’t remember where and when I first heard about PopCycles, but I instantly loved the concept: homemade popsicles being sold from a bicycle/sidecar contraption (affectionately named Millie). Sadly for me, I’ve yet to taste one of these creations, but the rhubarb flavor is #1 on my list.

Kait describes her business as:

… a hybrid of foodie love and home food love, with just a pinch of the perpetual movement that reminds me of being on the road.  I can feed the masses without losing the spark that inspires me to come home at the end of a day and feed the people I love.

Here’s a great article written about PopCycles by Kait’s husband, David: Alaskan peddles gourmet popsicles.

Don’t you love that story?

And here’s a bit more about the Kickstarter funding opportunity from Kait:

In order to sell my Pops I have to produce them in a commercially licensed kitchen.  Right now PopCycle operates out of a commercial kitchen space that can only be rented in the middle of the night.  Not only is this bad for my beauty sleepit is logistically and spatially challenging for PopCycle’s operations.  My goal on KickStarter is to raise money to purchase a mini commercial kitchen in the form of a mobile trailer, which would allow me to have kitchen space available 24/7.  The trailer would be outfitted with electricity, plumbing, ample freezer space and all the equipment needed to make Pops.  Most of the time the trailer would happily hang out at the house working away; however, having a mobile unit would also give me the option of taking PopCycle on road trips to events that cannot be reached by bicycle, such as the Girdwood Forest Fair and the State Fair in Palmer.

If you support the project, fabulous treats await – how about a PopCycle work party? Or a chance to learn how to make the pops yourself? Or, a pop every time you visit the Spenard Farmer’s Market?

Kait “wants to make more awesome” and I want her to too! Actually, I think I want to eat more awesome…rhubarb pop, I’m coming for you! Right after I donate to the cause.

Have you tried a PopCycle yet?

Author: Gretchen Fauske

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