Detail: Midnight Sun Brewing Co. Chandelier


Isn’t this beautiful?  It’s a gigantic chandelier at the Midnight Sun Brewing Co. I love it all on its own, but after looking more closely at this photo, it occurred to me that each of the circles that makes up the overall shape is an interpretation of the brewing co.’s logo. A subtle and fun way to carry branding into decor, plus I’m willing to bet that some super-talented local artist created the chandelier (and I would love to know who it was!) which makes it even cooler.

In Search of Something Fresh (Spoiler: I found it!)


This morning I blearily checked Facebook, and ran across this post from M.A.’s Gourmet Hot Dogs:

Topping Tuesday?! Airport heights elementary school grows the basil, Table 6 prepares it for their restaurant–M.A.’s has it as the topping today!!! Pesto Delight

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The Muffin Man, the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man…


I met a friend the other day at the Muffin Man/Cafe 817. We arrived at 9:00, just as the owner was unlocking the door. We ordered coffee and chai, and waited for fresh muffins, piping hot from the oven and oh so very good. I wish this café was open on the weekends, but it’s weekdays only.

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Atwood Estate Sale

pink champagne glasses

Most west-side kids grow up knowing where the Atwood house is – located just off Forest Park, the house is large, white with dark shutters, greek columns, and formal landscaping, and certainly makes an impression. It looks very grand, and not really all that “Alaskan” (ironic, because Bob Atwood is a prominent figure in Alaska history), at least by current aesthetics.

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Detail: Rooftop Atlas


Have you noticed that building signs from the 60’s and 70’s seem WAY more interesting than they do today?  I’m thinking about the Atlas on top of the Fur Factory building (a bit random; but still, visually interesting) and the Fourth Avenue Theater sign. I wish we could bring a bit of the old school flair back into our cityscapes.

What are the other cool signs in Anchorage?

AHBA 2013 Spring Preview of Homes: Glacier Homes


Saturday and Sunday marked the Anchorage Home Builders Association 2013 Spring Preview of Homes – Anchorage is filled with talented designers and builders, and it’s always fun to see their newest designs. This year, my friend Mary called and told me that she’d been touring the homes and found one in particular she thought I would enjoy – #9 on the map, by Glacier Homes at North Point Bluff.

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One Year of Grover

Cozy Groves

One year ago, I woke up early (for a weekend, at least), dressed in green, and joined some friends for the Shamrock Shuffle. It was festive and fun, crazy costumes abounded, and there were libations awaiting thirsty shufflers at the end – a pretty cool event that I would usually be reveling in.  But all I could think was PUPPYPUPPYPUPPY! Because that afternoon, we finally added a dog to our little family: Grover.

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