Love Note: Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree

A friend of mine hired Gage Tree Service to light the huge pine tree in their front yard.  Isn’t the result spectacular? The sheer size of the tree is impressive, but with all those lights shining, it’s really something special.

Here’s her story about their tree:

We have a huge spruce tree in our front yard and after several pathetic attempts to light it ourselves, we finally paid Gage Tree Service to hang lights on it and it looks fabulous! We’ve been a little worried that our neighbors might find it too bright, but I guess not. Tonight we found a gorgeous ice lantern on our door step with a card addressed to the “Tree Family.” The note in the card said “To the family with the awesome tree: Thank you for making our street beautiful.” And it was signed with a signature I can’t read plus “Turner the dog.” I love our tree and I love our neighborhood!

I think their tree is a love note to the holiday season, to our long, dark nights (when lights look so beautiful and add so much to our city), and her neighborhood.

When my family goes on our post Christmas feast walk, we’ll make sure to walk by the tree.  It will be the perfect way to end the holiday. Thank you, Mitchells!

Author: Gretchen Fauske

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