Bicycle Daydreams…Story and Art by Gina Edwards

“Have you ever had a daydream of crazy thoughts,
seeing things that will never be?
Bicycle adventures so fantastic and fun,
let’s imagine them, you and me.”

Gina Edwards is a local artist whose work I really enjoy.  She just released her second book, “Bicycle Daydreams,” about Signore Greve and his four-legged friend Celli. The story is great (as a fellow daydreamer, I love that this book celebrates imagination) but the illustrations make it really special. Richly colorful and full of playful touches, reading it is just FUN and a treat for your eyes.

Gina’s first book, “If We Hopped on Our Bike…” is also about Greve, Celli, and their biking adventures, and is just as good.

Author bio:

Gina Edwards lives in Alaska with her companions in adventure, her husband Steve and their four legged friend Ginzee.  They love the out-doors and Alaska offers fun at every turn. Bicycling throughout the world has provided much inspiration for Signore Greve and Celli’s travels.

“Bicycle Daydreams” is a perfect gift for people who love art, bicycles, dogs, adventures, or daydreams a (or all five)! A certain niece and nephew of mine might find it under their Christmas tree…

If you’d like your own copy, you can contact Gina here, and I think there are plenty of book signings being planned around town.  Also, Gina will be at UAA Crafts Fair this weekend!

I’m off to daydream…

Author: Gretchen Fauske

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