Quintessential AK Cabin

Doesn’t this look like the quintessential Alaskan cabin? Weathered and a bit ramshackle, with lush greenery and flowers, the smoke rising from the chimney signaling warmth and coziness inside.

This cabin is at Crow Creek Mine, and was the site of a beautiful wedding this summer. The cabin was overflowing with good food, live music, great company, and joy. Such a perfect little place to celebrate!

“Surprise and Delight” – Peter Kageyama, For the Love of Cities

One of the most rewarding things I’ve done this year is learn about Peter Kageyama, author and speaker. I’ve participated in two of Peter’s For the Love of Anchorage workshops (courtesy of AEDC) and read his book, “For the Love of Cities.”

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Honey Tasting @ Summit Spice Co.

Earlier this month I attended a honey tasting at the Summit Spice and Tea Company with one of my favorite partners in crime, Stephanie.  It was sweet (Haha.  It was an a very punny evening, especially at our table – thanks Mark and Jessica!).

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Open Letter to Anchorage Assembly re: Proposed Library Budget Cuts

Dear Members of the Anchorage Assembly,

Thank you so much for the service you provide to our community.  I appreciate the time and energy that all of you spend making sure that Anchorage is a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

USKH: Six Amazing Years, One Year Later

Before I go into the point of this post (which is to thank USKH for the six years I spent there;  it’s been exactly one year since my last day at USKH and I’m feeling nostalgic), here’s some background about the less than clearly planned career path of a 22-year-old English Literature major.

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Anchorage Artist: Erin Pollock

One of the best parts of getting older is starting to see the people you’ve known for years come into their own.   I love watching the people around me doing amazing things with their lives.  It’s so interesting to see the journeys people take, and sometimes, observing from the fringes is the most exciting – being too close can limit your perspective (like when you look at your own life and think it’s been an uneventful year, and then you realize that you got married, started a new job, bought your first home, and got a dog).

A journey I’ve followed from afar is that of Anchorage-born artist Erin Pollock.

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Charles Tice, Street Photographer

One day, when researching photographers, I stumbled upon Charles Tice.  He’s a street photographer, which focuses on capturing subjects in public places during candid moments. You may have seen his work before – he snapped the shot of this moose that Spenard Roadhouse uses on the postcards they send out with the bill.

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Anchorage Craigslist Adventures

When I first started perusing Anchorage Craigslist and walking through thrift stores, I was too envious of the bargain finds I’d heard of in other states and too excited to furnish my home rightawayassoonaspossible to really enjoy the process.

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