Google 360 for Business, Courtesy of Anchorage Downtown Partnership

Yesterday I attended the Anchorage Downtown Partnership’s* first marketing social, and Sam Wasson (Alaska’s only Google trusted photographer) presented.

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Star Power

Last week, my husband and I went on a walk to check out the zombies (so random…but I really wanted to see them!).  We didn’t get there in time; they must have decimated the west end of downtown and moved on to new victims before we got there.

However, we found something just as good, maybe better:  Star the Reindeer.

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Welcoming Lights

When I was younger (6th grade-ish) I read a book in which two people were lost in the woods during a snow storm.  They had almost given up hope of finding someplace warm and dry to spend the night, when they came upon a big, beautiful lodge with light beaming from every window, welcoming them in from the cold.

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Quidditch on the Park Strip

The first time I noticed Quidditch on the park strip, I didn’t know what it was (maybe because there were no flying brooms?). But I knew it was SOMETHING.

A friend clued me in later that day, and I was speechless. Harry Potter’s favorite game brought to life? Then I couldn’t help but giggle. And then my mind was filled with questions.

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Little Dog Play Group

Grover and I had a fun experience this morning.  A few weeks ago, Ellen at Second Run (the purveyor of second-hand dragons! and all sorts of other amazingness) told me about a little dog play group at Rocketship Park (you may know it as Valley of the Moon…  but it will forever be Rocketship Park to me!).

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Muse Patio Perfection

Anchorage sometimes lacks for great outdoor dining space (and other times, like tonight, we lack for great weather for outdoor dining).  The Muse at the Anchorage Museum gives you both options (as in, the dining is always good, and if the weather isn’t, you can dash inside).

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