Flower Power

Have you ever been to Cedars Floral Wholesale? It’s a magical place full of flowers from all over the world.   So many colors and textures, the smell of greenery mixed with blooms… remembering the day that my mom and I picked out flowers for my wedding last year always makes me feel exactly how I look in this picture – so happy I could skip!

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“Write Naked”

“Write Naked,” was Barbara Hodgin’s advice to her husband, Howard Weaver, when he began working on his new book, Write Hard, Die Free: Dispatches from the Battlefield and Barrooms of the Great Alaska News War.  Not related to actually writing sans clothes, but about writing that is authentic and unguarded (and infinitely more enjoyable to read).

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For the Love of Coffee

When she found out that I was writing a blog about Anchorage, my high school BFF asked if I’d be posting about Kaladi Bros.  If you know me outside of this blog, you’re probably wondering why that wasn’t my very first post!  In fact, it almost was.  But my love affair with coffee is deeper that just a drink, and therefore, harder to write about.

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ATHENA – Paying it Forward


Yesterday, I attended the Anchorage ATHENA Society annual luncheon (thanks Lydia and USKH!).  The ATHENA Society is a “program of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, and is a local chapter of an international organization dedicated to encouraging the potential of women as valued member and leaders of the business community.”

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Loving Anchorage

I’m a born and raised Anchorage girl.  Specifically, a born and raised west-side Anchorage girl.  I grew up exploring Lyn Ary park, playing soccer at Balto Seppala, skiing at Kincaid, and visiting Loussac library.  My feelings for Anchorage back then were undefined; it was home, and the only place I really knew.  By the time I finished high school, I longed for adventure, warmer weather, and to make my own way in the world.

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